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John Hemmen's Biography

John Hemmen is a self taught artist.  He was born in 1947 and was raised alongside his 5 siblings in Fullerton, California.  He spent his youth outdoors in that idyllic climate playing sports and wandering around the beaches, hills, and orange groves.  The intense light and color of that environment has stayed with him ever since.  At a young age he was good at drawing and was encouraged to draw in school, but he was always counseled to seek a more secure profession than one in the Arts.

John went to Pomona College where he developed an interest in zoology and literature. He also underwent his political awakening as this was the period of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement.  After college, John was a VISTA volunteer in Vermont, working in the War on Poverty and trying to help people.  The things he saw there rekindled his interest in the visual arts and he started teaching himself how to paint.  Then he decided that he could help people the most by being a doctor, so he gave up this early interest in painting and pursued his dream of being a doctor.  He went to Medical
School at the University of California, Davis, then practiced with the Public Health Service in New Mexico and Washington, then settled near Seattle and worked as an Emergency Physician for 30 years.

The demands of practicing medicine were great but John was determined not to be consumed by this vocation.  He chose Emergency Medicine because it is characterized by intense periods of work alternating with periods of time off to do other things.  This time off was used in his early career to build houses and landscapes, travel, engage in outdoor sports, and help raise his young family.  By his mid thirties a yearning for more artistic expression began to take hold and he started to draw and paint with a commitment that was constant.  He has been painting steadily since 1985 and has compiled a large body of work.  Although he has had several one man shows he has not pursued this avenue yet for getting his work out to the public.  Instead he has been content to keep producing it, choosing instead to let his inner muse be uninfluenced by an established artistic world or public.  Now that he has finished his career and retired from the practice of Medicine, he has decided the time is right to devote his life to making Art and showing it.
John’s work is largely narrative in style, with the story usually shown in a representational format, and with color used to help express the work.  The subject matter runs in various themes, with the more recent works using flags or the city as vehicles for the story.  He continues doing figurative works of people and animals.  The works are usually done in acrylic on canvas or oil pastel on paper.  He also paints scenes on furniture, especially chairs.


   ape man   devil head   turning 50